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Homework for Earth Science

All homeworks are due the school day after they are assigned.

Make sure you are on time to class.

Bring excuse note when absent from school.

Earth Spinning


Spring term 2009 marking period #2
Thurs. March 19th Study for Spring Exam #3
Fri March 20th Take Spring Exam #3
Fri. March 20th HW #1 Read Text 500-501 Topics 3-5 Answer all Parts of Ques. 3-5 0n Page 502.
Tues. March 24th HW #2 Read Text 503-505 Topic 6-9 Anwser all parts of Ques. 6-9 on Page 505.
Weds. March 25th HW #3 Read Text 506-511 Topics 10,11,and 14 Answer all Parts of Ques 10, 11, and 14 on Page 511.
Fri. March 27th HW #4 Read Text 512-514 Topics 16-18 Answer all Parts of Ques. 16-18 on Page 517.
Tues. March 31st HW #5 Read Text 514-517 Topics 19-22 Answer all Parts of Ques. 19-22 on Page 518.
Weds. April 1st HW #6 Read Text 523-525 Topics 1-3 Answer all Parts of Ques. 1-3 on Page 526.
Thurs. April 2nd Study for Spring Exam #4
Fri. April 3rd Take Spring Exam #4
Mon. April 6th Lab Mr.D's 50th Birthday
Fri. April 3rd HW # 7 Read Text 525-526 Topics 4 and 5 Answer all Parts of Ques. 4 and 5 on Page 526.
Tues. April 7th Read Text 527-528 Topics 6 and 7 Answer all Parts of Ques. 6 and 7 on Page 530.
Weds. April 8th Read Text 528-530 Topics 8 and 9 Answer all parts of Ques. 8 and 9 on Page 530.
Over Spring Break take June 2007 Earth Science Regents in your review book. Answer all Ques. except for astronomy Ques. If you do not have the Barons Red Regents Earth Science Review book yet, please get it over vaction it's getting very close to Regents Exams.
Have a nice vaction!

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